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We're here to supply solutions for your every need. Whether it's buying a new tractor, restoring an old one, or accessorizing we have your back!

Scroll down to see what lines we carry or go to the New Inventory tab to check out some of the models we offer. The Services tab will list everything our service department can do to maintain your equipment. Go to the About section to get to know us!

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Wanting to bail on your baler?

Agmec specializes in baler repair so let us fix it for you. Click on the yellow button for a quote!

Lines we carry

We will work on all brands, but these are the ones that Agmec serves as an OEM dealer for


One of Agmec's specialties is working on balers. There's no one better to service your baler than us! Our service team has over 40 years of experience in working on these implements.

We like red tractors and especially red balers, which means Freeman and Hesston are two brands that we have done a lot of work with. If your baler is any other color, don't worry. We'll get it running right too!

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