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Agmec is proud to be a certified dealer for Kubota diesel and spark-ignited engines.

There is no doubt that Kubota is gaining more and more market in the U.S. Their engines are in everything from aerial lifts to industrial equipment to tractors. If your Kubota engine decided to throw a rod for extra ventilation or you’re looking for a power unit to install on a custom application then have something for you!

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If you need help figuring out what engine you have then check out these links:
Kubota Engine Serial Number Location
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Not only are we a Kubota engine dealer, but we are a generator dealer as well! We are your one stop shop for Kubota.

The GL-series Kubota generators are designed to be the quietest and most efficient equipment on the job site. The Tier IV engines that power the 7kW to 14kW generators are fuel sippers instead of guzzlers, and the exhaust system helps reduce emissions.

For more technical specifications check out this brochure.
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