Cornell Pump - Agricultural Market

Agmec is the prime Central Valley distributor for Cornell Pump. Our focus is on the agricultural market, but we can repair and sell parts for any model you may have. 

Please contact us for any sales and service inquiries!

Cornell’s Clear Liquid pumps are known world-wide for their durability, reliability, and high efficiency. These can fit a variety of applications across multiple industries. 

A wide variety of Solid Handling Pumps are available from Cornell that can handle discharge sizes from 1.25″ to 30″. These pumps feature a heavy duty frame which allow for operation of up to 40,000 GPM.

These pumps are designed to transport various food items while minimizing damage in transit. Cornell designed its first food process pump nearly 40 years ago and has held a reputation for quality ever since.

Clogging is a major problem and these Cutter Pumps were designed as a solution by reducing the ragging which causes clogs. Its unique stationary and rotating blade design cuts up the materials that would clog up other pumps. The design also allows for minimal loss of efficiency. 

What else is there to say? These pumps are a classic example of Cornell’s durability, reliability, and high efficiency. 

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